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Master of the Kennel
(2006) COLOR - Super 16 MM - 20:45
Master of the Kennel

About the Film

Master of the Kennel tells the harrowing tale of three ordinary men forced to decide the fate of a killer with blood on his hands. As a powerful hurricane bears down upon a nameless city, disaster strikes and Tom Durrett (Gabriel Vaughan) must decide how far he will go to defend the volatile Leon (Monte Bezell) from the vengeful machinations of ex-cop Haggard (Jason Grossman). An urban morality play as the notion of justice is called to question. Featuring raw performances from a talented ensemble cast and thrilling cinematography, Master of the Kennel is high stakes cinematic storytelling at its best.


Cast & Crew

written and directed
by Daniel Wasserman

Gabriel Vaughan
as Tom Durrett

Jason Grossman
as Martin Haggard

Monte Bezell
as Leon Perry

Michael Hance
as Roger Young

Ren Mathewson
as Karen Durrett

and Ron Kuriloff
as Gary

Produced by
Daniel Wasserman &
Florence Cavé

Associate Producers
James Robb

Executive Producer
myles samuel iezzi

Line Producer
Hector Godinez

Derek Rittenhouse

Kamil Dobrowolski

Original Score by
Nathan Terry

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