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Iron Pocket
(2005) COLOR - 16 MM - 13:00
Iron Pocket

About the Film

Iron Pocket premiered at the 2005 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival at the Arclight Theatre on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, as well as landing official selections in the Coney Island Independent Film Festival (New York, NY) and the Big Apple Film Festival (New York, NY).

The Festival Rag writes: "Wasserman packs the most he can into the film’s 13-minute duration - charging the characters and action with tension from the first frame. The gritty thriller launches into play when Jonah (played by Patrick Shefski) arrives at the apartment door of his friend Marc (Simon Kendall) at a late hour in great distress, following some violent act. As he walks Marc through the strange circumstances leading up to the present, we plunge into the skewed perspective of his memory, boiling up to a violent crescendo as our narrator’s reliability comes into question."


Cast & Crew

written and directed by
Daniel Wasserman

Patrick Shefski
as Jonah

Simon Kendall
as Marc

Gregory Bastien
as Ramel

Gary Gordon
as the Passerby

Vasti Mathieu
as the Station Agent

Andrea Marie Smith
as the voice of Kelly

produced by
Hector Godinez &
Daniel Wasserman

original score by
Jaron Olevsky &
Nathan Terry

cinematography by
Aric Jacobson

sound recordist
Kamil Dobrowolski


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