Agent 26 Pictures is a New York based production company founded by director & screenwriter Daniel Wasserman.

Born out of a passion for innovative storytelling, Agent 26 is a creative mecca for up-and-coming filmmakers with limited funds but limitless ambition and serves as a launching pad for independent films under development. The mission of Agent 26 is to craft films that challenge and engage the viewer without negotiating their social conscience. Edgy narrative shorts like Iron Pocket and Master of the Kennel have screened from coast to coast garnering strong critical praise and attention.

Ushering a new age of independent filmmaking, Agent 26 is a vision for cinema unflinching in its demand for strong reactions.


DANIEL WASSERMAN – Writer / Director / Producer

Daniel Wasserman is a New York based screenwriter and director whose works have gained recognition in film festivals and screenings nationwide. Short films like Master of the Kennel (2006), Iron Pocket (2005), Fool’s Gold (2004), and The Bullets (2004) reflect an innovative grip on storytelling and mark Wasserman as an emerging talent in the independent filmmaking scene.


HECTOR GODINEZ – Producer  / Director / Cinematographer         

California native Hector Godinez started his career in the visual arts with still photography, making the transition into cinematography, directing, and producing. Producing credits include narrative sshorts like Iron Pocket (2005), and Master of the Kennel (2006), was the director of photography on Ryan Quinn's Ooze (2006) and has covered a wide range of documentary work. Godinez also serves as the California operative for Agent 26 Pictures, expending the indie production company coast to coast.


KAMIL DOBROWOLSKI – Editor  / Sound Recordist   

Kamil Dobrowolski is a freelance editor and sound recordist operating out of New York City. Dobrowolski has worked in all genres, with both picture editing and sound credit on independent shorts like Kings (2006) and Master of the Kennel (2006), as well as cutting features like Tantrum (2006), and a wide range of commercial and music video work, adding his creative touch over a broad spectrum of post production.


FLORENCE CAVE - Producer / Production Coordinator

Originating from Paris, France, Florence entered filmmaking from music and theatre. She has served as Production Coordinator on Iron Pocket (2005), and Producer for Master of the Kennel (2006) with Daniel Wasserman. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY.


MYLES SAMUEL IEZZI - Producer / Web & Marketing

Myles Samuel Iezzi is a master planner with expansive behind-the-scenes influence in every major artistic medium and beyond, including, but not limited to, the music/film/theater industries, web and technical development, event planning and promotion, and most recently, serving as Executive Producer on Master of the Kennel. Iezzi currently resides in a sinister lair in an undisclosed location.

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